Become a Web Developer... in 7 weeks

Learn Full-Stack Web Development with Ruby on Rails.

Want to become a web developer?

Can you commit 20 hours a week?

If so, we can give you a job-level ruby on rails training from scratch. 20 hours per week. For 7 weeks.

With such a high demand for ruby developers right now, my team will invest our time and energy and give you enough training to land a 60k/year job as a Rails Developer.

You will get:

  • 7 Weeks Of intensive training
  • 6 challenging Ruby and Rails projects
  • Easy to follow video tutorials
  • A free CodeSchool account
  • 2 programming textbooks
  • Lifetime access to our online community of mentors and students.
  • 1 on 1 assistance as needed
  • A complete web development education, with Html, Css, Ruby, Rails Projects, Git, Heroku, API's and more.

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What You Will Learn!

The Ruby on Rails Web Application Framework
Ruby on Rails is a web development framework, used by some of the worlds biggest internet companies (Twitter, YellowPages, Github, Slideshare, Scribd and HULU to name a few). Ruby on rails is chosen by so many web developers because it makes web development easy and fun. You will learn ruby on rails from scratch in this course, and master the advanced concepts you need to build your own web applications.

Project Based Learning
After mastering the basics with our tutorials, you'll learn how to apply this theory and use your new skills web applications with practical Projects.

Advanced Rails Programming
You'll learn how to write algorithms in ruby to power the complex features in your rails applications with our intensive rails projects.

You'll master HTML and CSS and learn how to make beautiful and complex layouts for your web applications with our HTML and CSS lessons and projects.

Git and Source Control
You'll learn how to manage your software versions with git and collaborate with other programmers.

Api's and Gems
You'll learn how to connect to Api's like twitter, Instagram and Stripe for their content, processing or authentication. You'll also learn how to use ruby gems to enhance your application.

Intensive Learning.
Even though we start teaching everything from scratch so that beginners can follow, we've packed a lot of information into this course and you'll be learning skills in the bootcamp that will take others years to master on their own. You'll need a lot of self-motivation to be able to complete this course successfully and on-time.

1 on 1 Assistance
Learning to code is HARD and you will need help from time to time. We'll assign you a tutor (mentor) as needed that will assist you when you need some help.

And Much More.
In all, you'll get a complete web development education and develop the practical skills you need to build complex web applications and get a job as a rails developer, earn money freelancing or build an application and launch a startup.

Here is a weekly breakdown of the curriculum:

  • Week 1 - You will learn HTML and CSS and from scratch and build 3 HTML and CSS websites.
  • Week 2 - You will learn how to program with ruby and explore advanced ruby concepts and algorithms. (with your first book)
  • Week 3 - This week, you will build your first rails project from scratch. You'll learn - step by step - how to build and style a blog engine from scratch with ruby on rails, master the fundamental concepts you need to build your own web applications and learn how to use Git for version control.
  • Week 4 - For your second rails project, you will build a clone of the url shortener from scratch.
  • Week 5 - You will build a production-ready saas application that you can sell to customers. You'll learn how to implement authentication and sessions so that each customer can have an independent account and login and log out as they wish. You will also learn how to implement stripe to collect payments from your customers and activate each users account automatically.
  • Week 6 - You will learn how to build a clone of the popular file sharing service - Dropbox - and be introduced to some advanced ruby concepts along the way.
  • Week 7 - For your final project this week, you will learn how to build a tested production-ready ecommerce engine that you can use to sell physical products.

We're currently not taking new students


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